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Private Yoga

Yoga is an investigation of the state of your inner experiences. This can be done in moving or held postures. Using your breath to help guide you along the path to self discovery

Yoga postures and sequences can be used to explore a variety of ways in which you can learn about what is going on under your own nose. Your nervous system (i.e your Brain) is a marvelous organ. By introducing novel and unusual movement patterns while keeping yourself in a calm relaxed breathing state you can revive freedom that you thought was long gone.

Yoga is a valuable way to use Neuroplasticity (the ability of the Brain to change and adapt) to rekindle your inner spark.

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Yoga One-on-One

One-On-One. The real benefits of Yoga can only be fully realized when working with a competent teacher. An important aspect of the Shavasana methodology is the emphasis on working One-On-One.

Group classes are a wonderful way of experiencing the energy of the room, of enjoying the benefits of practice and learning some general principles.

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