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Our culture demands that we sit up straight, suck in our stomach, and stop fidgeting. Have you ever asked why that is? Better yet, have you ever tried to move, sit, or stand in a way that feels better to you regardless of what others may think? Imagine sitting on the floor for your next business meeting. It would be impossible. The cultural pressure to present yourself in a certain physical way is just too strong. Fortunately, we can release some of that surpressed movement with a regular Yoga practice. Mindful attention to our inner experiences not only reduces built up stress but also helps to re-establish a connection with the joy of movement that is often culturally surpressed to the point of near extinction.

Yoga for your Body, Brain, and Spirit.

For your BODY

  • Increase your flexibility and balance.
  • Move each body part through a complete range of motion.
  • Stretch your muscles freeing up tension and revealing a sense of lightness.
  • Manage or reduce pain.

For your BRAIN

  • Learn, through practice, how to relax in the face of challenges.
  • Help quiet your mind and find peacefulness.
  • Introduce novel and creative movements.
  • Clear a space for you to find clarity.

For your SPIRIT

  • Become aware of your needs and on the effect you have on your surroundings
  • Help you feel more whole and connected to humanity and nature.
  • Help you find or create the meaning in your life that you embrace with passion.

A consistent and balanced approach starts by finding out where we are first.


When you come into Shavasana you get an opportunity to really "Feel" what is going on inside your own body. Through Yoga postures, sequences, and other creative activities you are given opportunities to move your body the way it was meant to be moved. Fully and completely.

You will feel this after your first class!


Here is how we can help you live longer.

In order for a healthy, happy life, we each have to find our own unique path. This includes proper exercise, nutrition, mental training, and stress busting. An often under appreciated aspect, though, is social contact. Healthy activities that we can engage in with others creates social bonds that add dimensions and richness to our life.Humans are a social primate.

Our role at Shavasana is to see that you are comfortable with your own body so that you can love and accept yourself and then include others in that love and acceptance. We believe that this must include family, friends, the environment, and the animals whose lives we are so intimately connected with.

What we have created at Shavasana is a warm and inviting space where we focus on the importance of staying connected with one another while engaging in a challenging physical activity that leaves you feeling rejuventated so that you may have a happier, healthier lifestyle.

With years of studying body movement we have discovered the importance of proper technique, discipline and hard work that must also be tempered with compassion, patience, and self acceptance. Focusing on finding the balance between those is an art that we can all improve on with practice.

With our help you will find what is right for you and meet some great friends along the way.

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Dancers Pose

Reverse Warrior
Twisting Chair
Side Plank
Bound Angle
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