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For a year and a half, I had severe insomnia. I had been to sleep clinics, visited a sleep doctor, a naturopath and of course my own physician - all without a tangible result. Someone recommended I practise yoga, so I researched all of the yoga practitioners in Hamilton, and found Shavasana Yoga Centre to have the best teaching credentials. After attending weekly classes for the past seven months, my sleeping issues have all but vanished. Byron has empowered me with the knowledge to create my own set of asanas that I practise each day and this has allowed me to not only sleep better, but feel as good as I did 10 years ago. I have more energy, I have lost some weight, and I have a more patient outlook on life. With 2 young kids at home ... this couldn't have come at a better time. Thanks Byron!!

-- Mike Zimic

We have been attending Shavasna Yoga Centre for the last 3 years - we started as novices and Byron has coached us to a point where we feel comfortable and enjoy practising yoga in any setting. Byron's gentle mentoring made that transition most enjoyable and easy for us.

--Shirley Silberg -- Flora Rams -- Jo-Anne Bernstein -- Jo-Ann Pomerantz

It's been far too long since I last saw you both, but I just wanted to pass along a much overdue note of admiration for everything you are doing in the community. I gain much inspiration from reading the newsletter and find myself thinking about what I can do, today, to help others. Your centre certainly seems to be growing some wonderfully philanthropic roots in the Hamilton community and beyond!! best wishes,

-- Dr. Michael Atkinson School of Kinesiology 3M Centre University of Western Ontario

It is your dedication (Byron and Saffron) that is inspiring.  I can't explain to you how much better I feel since joining your program last summer.  I (think) I am much calmer, I know I have fewer back aches and I sleep extremely well since joining the class.  I just have to have the patience to heal this shoulder and then I will feel great! thanks to you.

--Ann-Marie Cooper

(What I value most about Byron's approach is his..) Honesty. Conviction. Knowledge. Humour. Compassion. Also, almost telepathic insights into what I am feeling or thinking at any particular moment. Seems as if he is always speaking directly to me and his generalized advice is tailored to my body...

--Matt Weingartner

I have practiced yoga for many reasons for over 10 years and have never stayed with a studio for any more than a year at a time... Shavasana is by far the most wonderful place I have ever practiced, in every way (instructor, surroundings, and fellow classmates). Byron and Saffron make yoga inviting, fun, stress-free, and soothing while always maintaining my interest with new challenges. I would invite anyone to prove me otherwise...

-- Lisa Purdy

The quiet, friendly, home-like presence of the instructors and studio left me feeling welcomed. I always go home feeling like i've learned something new. I reach new awareness each and every time I do yoga with Shavasana.

-- Christine Scully

I am in much better physical condition since I began classes about a year ago. I am stronger, and more agile. My posture is better. I went down 2 clothing sizes. Most importantly, I experience much less aches and pains - and at 55 years old, that's a huge issue.

-- Ellen Morris

Greetings. I would like to thank-you for your guidance, patience, and for providing a very comfortable atmosphere to practise yoga in. Whenever I have had a concern you have always addressed it . You have given me the instructions and I feel it is up to me to follow through and to apply the info. I also enjoy hearing the Sanskrit names of the asanas. I look forward to the future.

-- Peter Morley

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