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One On One

Single Person

  • $80.00 per 60 min
  • $250.00 for 4 x 60 min ($62.50 per session)
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  • $100.00 per 60 min
  • $330.00 for 4 x 60 min ($82.50 per session)
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Special Events


60 minute Private class - Can include Yoga Poses and Squences, Meditation, Breathwork, and Neurobics (exercise for your brain)

We have a comprehensive Yoga Program aimed at developing your cognitive flexibility. Modern Neuroscience combined with Ancient Yoga Wisdom you can expect to improve your relationship with life.

We have spent more than a decade researching what helps people the most. Our Yoga Programs have been developed to provide a safe and challenging space as work along with you to direct your development.

Our Yoga Program will move and stretch you out while finding that the progression takes you deeper into more interesting layers of yourself to enjoy.


Dress Code

Female Dress Code

  • T-Shirt & Tights or Pants
    • No low cut tops (below collar bones)
    • No low rise pants
    • No shorts

Male Dress Code

  • T-Shirt & Long Shorts or Pants


  • Please advise teachers before class if you have any injuries or special needs.
  • Please do not enter more than 15 minutes after the beginning of each class.Be considerate of others, be on time.
  • Wait a minimum of 2 hours after eating before practicing yoga.
  • Turn off cell phones & pagers before class.
  • Please refrain form wearing colognes or perfumes in class, this can be very distracting to others.
A 48 hour cancelation notice is required in order to transfer class fees of regular pre-registered class
(does not apply to special offers)

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