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Yoga and Pain

Here are some thoughts we have about Yoga and Pain as well as some resources that will be of great use to People in Pain, Health Care Practioners and Yoga Teachers.

"Pain is an Output from the Brain, not an input from the Body"

Although this might seem like just semantics this is a shift that is almost as big as the realization that the earth travels around the sun. Despite astounding advances in our scientific understanding of the way the experience of pain is produced from the brain, many Therapists and even some of the institutions that educate them have not yet adopted this major shift.

Why is this important news?

Your Nervous System (which includes the brain, spinal cord, and the rest of the nervous tissue) monitors, operates, and exists in every part of you. It makes up only 2% of the total weight of your body yet despite this small size it consumes over 20% of the energy you produce every day. On top of that the Brain is predicting, anticipating, and estimating all of this time in order to save energy and prevent overheating. Unfortunately for as many 25% of Canadians and perhaps up to 35% of Canadian Seniors the Brain guesses wrong in the case of Chronic Pain.

How can Yoga Help?

By taking back control of your life and commiting to simple practices that you can use anywhere and anytime you can begin to remold your pain experience and live well again. Using simple breathing practices you can reduce your overall stress experience. By moving your body and reminding yourself that "The pain you experience does not help you determine how much you should move" and "Motion is lotion" you can slowly reframe the pain experience.

Below are some resources that will be of help to you.

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