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Neurobics - Your Body Is Your Mind!

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Private Training sessions available now!


Yoga - The act of unrolling your Yoga Mat is one of revealing your vulnerabilities. When you do this in front of a group you are preparing for the unknown. By learning to unleash your creative side you can experience in yourself what you may have previously thought impossible. By feeling the rubber under your bare hands and feet you will be facing what may have been your greatest enemy, gravity. But by peering into the heart of this relationship you can experience the growth of turning this enemy into your friend and your Yoga Mat will be your greatest ally.

Neurobics - An exciting new program intended to capture the age defying benefits of neuroplasticity ( or the ability of the brain to change itself). With Neurobics you will be challenged to cast aside your growth stunting habits in exchange for experiments into the novel and unfamiliar. Not only will this stimulate the growth of new brain cells (termed neurogenesis) it will also give you a new outlook on life. One of possibility and wonder.

Breathwork - Called Pranayama in Yoga, we will use a variety of breath awareness exercises and practices to assist you in harnessing the most powerful stress reducing tool that you already possess.

Meditate - You read about it everywhere. There always seems to be something peaceful about those you know of that meditate. Your life always seems to get in the way of you practicing it. By making it a part of our regular classes over the last few years, people have been able to experience the benefits of some real, honest to goodness, quiet time at our studio.

60 min class -Yoga Postures, Neurobics, Breathwork, and Meditation.

Sessions available Weeknights between 6:00 and 8:00pm

Call us now to reserve your session 905.526.8695

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